… 40 people with 40 different opinions each, all pulling in different directions… This autumn we teamed up with students at the arts university to help them raise funds for their final year show. And what a challenge it was! It was very interesting to observe how Interior Architecture students completely ignored the Design Stages of Interior Design Job Book (if interior design was a religion, Design Job Book would be its Quran) when it came to designing their own exhibition stand and they dived head in first straight into discussing arrangement of fundraising events. Lack of a leader and leadership meant that there were 40 people with 40 different opinions each, all pulling in different directions. Frustrating as it was, they had to be given a chance to find their way and find they did! After numerous, sometimes heated meetings there was a plan, there was a design budgets. It appeared that they were fundraising “blindfoldedly”.


When finally project managers have been appointed, the balls started rolling at a high speed! Sasha’s role was to design posters and flyers for two of the upcoming events –  a horror night and a Christmas special screening. We are pleased with the results, both the posters and the turnout. next on to helping with construction of the stand. There are some interesting ideas we heard and the project managers and their minions did not disappoint. Details of the design stand later…

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