Images courtesy Kibwe Tavares

Kibwe Tavares is telling us his story

In a small studio in central London hidden amongst the forest of gigantic buildings we were met by somewhat over-the-top security access procedure straight from the gate all the way to where we needed to be. Lost in a space of a few smaller offices we found ourselves walking through a space of some sort of a creative/art company that my friend would describe as a “cool place of work”.  As we finally found the place as per our invitation card, I was very surprised by its size, it can barely host 30 people. I was surprised at being surprised and quite frankly I had no idea what to expect of a talk with the name Visual Storytelling, organised by RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) at this stage, I was very tired, as it had been a very long day walking through the streets of a city that I always thought of a city of giants – London.

The casual ambience of the studio with a few rows of chairs that used to be trendy at some point in their lives but now reached the cliché mark, we were made very welcomed and comfortable. I immediately relaxed, took a seat and as always, fell back into a terrible habit of people watching. I can’t help but being fascinated by human behaviour. but that is not why we were here.

Shortly after a brief exchange of a small talk with others, we were introduced to Kibwe Tavares. The talk took longer than anticipated and to be honest, I would have liked see more of their work than hear their biography.

Kibwe is one of the associates/partners of Factory Fifteen, yet another multidisciplinary practice that exploit the digital technology where collaboration between various fields such as art, film, animation and architectural visualisation shows its strength. Have I left feeling inspired by the presentation? Perhaps not as much as I had anticipated but, this was due to personal interest rather than the presentation itself. What I have taken away from it however, was a confirmation that collaboration is the key in any industry including the relationship between service providers and the clients. Perhaps the most inspiring moment of the presentation for me was the final power point slide where Kibwe talked about not to be afraid of uncertainty.

For more information about Kibwe and Factory Fifteen visit their Website